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The Three Best Motorcycle Roads in Billings

Here's what you need to know...
  • Billings, Montana is widely recognized among motorcycle enthusiasts as one of the premier locations to ride
  • There is a divide in the Montana landscape between the mountains in the west and the plains to the east, which makes it a visually stimulating ride
  • If you are planning on going on a motorcycle trip, make sure to bring the proper safety gear, including a helmet and protective jacket
  • Before you go out for a ride on your motorcycle, be sure to check the weather so that you are not riding in heavy rain or winds
  • If you need to get motorcycle insurance, you can start by calling your current auto insurance provider and see if they offer reasonable rates for adding a motorcycle to your existing car insurance policy

The feeling you can get from riding a motorcycle is almost unmatched by anything else. You can get a sense of freedom and enjoy a closer connection with nature by riding through some very scenic routes.

There is an entire biker community that you can connect with to share your joy of riding. When it comes to riding a motorcycle, the possibilities for fun and exploration are endless.

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What makes for a good motorcycle road?


If you are looking for the perfect road for riding your motorcycle, you will want to find something with plenty of twists and turns to ramp up the excitement.

The challenging of navigating a twisty path will keep you on your toes and alert the entire time.

You also should find a road that has scenic views for your trip so that you can really enjoy your time outdoors.

If you can find a road that is free-flowing and avoid all of the inconveniences of the daily traffic-heavy commute, then you are in for a real treat on your next motorcycle ride.

The Three Best Roads for Motorcycle Rides

Did you know that there are more than 4 million miles of public roads in the U.S.? That many miles mean that there are plenty of roads to be explored in all 50 states for a motorcycle ride.

Montana is home to some of the most spectacular roads for a motorcycle ride in the entire country.

#1 – Beartooth Highway

Beartooth Highway is a part of U.S. Route 212 and is actually about 10,947 feet above sea level.

There are a variety of zigzags and switchbacks along this highway.

There are some phenomenal views along Beartooth Highway thanks to the many lakes and mountain tops that can be seen along this route.

Beartooth Highway also makes a great route for a group of riders provided that you plan in advance for potential snowfall, even during summer months.

#2 – Blue Creek Road, Old Highway 87

This beautiful route begins at Riverfront Park in Billings, Montana.

Blue Creek Road will take you all the way to the Pictograph Caves as you pass through Blue Creek on a winding road.

While you may not get the same scenic views as on Beartooth Highway, the changes in the roads make this a really fun route for a single rider, in particular.

#3 – Chief Joseph Scenic Highway

This 200-mile route takes you east of Yellowstone National Park and is amazing for a day ride.

There are plenty of lodging options nearby if you enjoy the route so much that you want to extend your stay.

There is hardly any traffic on this route, which makes it ideal for a group of riders.

The roads are also in great shape.

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Safety Tips for Motorcycle Trips

If you are going to enjoy the wonderful feeling of taking on the open road on top of a motorcycle, then you should make sure that you have taken all of the necessary safety precautions so that you can truly enjoy your ride.

– Wear Proper Gear

One of the easy things you can do to make yourself safer on the road is to wear the proper gear.

Jeans and a t-shirt will simply not cut it when it comes to keeping your skin safe in a crash.

You need to be protected from:

  • Bugs
  • Wind
  • Debris
  • The road itself

Get a specially designed jacket for riding as well as leather reinforced clothing no matter what time of year you are riding.

– Drive Defensively

Always practice defensive driving.

You are much harder to see than another car or truck, so you should assume that other drivers may not see you as quickly on the road.

Leave enough space between cars so that you can react quickly.

– Check the Weather

Before you go out to enjoy a long ride, check the weather first.

Rain makes it so much more difficult to see while riding and keeps you from being able to react to other riders or drivers as quickly.

Riding a motorcycle in the rain is much more dangerous than driving a car in the rain.

Make sure you are not breaking suddenly and that you are anticipating wind gusts so that you are not thrown off of your bike.

Getting the Proper Motorcycle Insurance for Your Bike

Many of the same principles apply to getting the right motorcycle coverage for your bike as to picking out the right auto insurance policy for your car. Your state will require you to have motorcycle coverage if you plan to ride a bike on public roads.

You may want to start by checking with your current auto insurance provider to see what additional insurance options are available to you.

It may make much more financial sense to get your auto insurance and motorcycle insurance from the same provider so that you can get a discount.

However, be aware that not all auto insurance companies offer motorcycle insurance.

When you are requesting online quotes for auto insurance coverage, you might also want to check and see if you could get coverage for your bike from that same company.

If not, you need to continue checking around so that you are not hit with a fine or penalty for failing to have proper coverage in your state.

Riding Your Motorcycle in Billings, Montana

If you are looking for a great place to ride your motorcycle, there are plenty of road options in Billings, Montana that make the cut as some of the best roads for riding a motorcycle in the country.

There are a wide variety of highway options in Montana for motorcycle enthusiasts that offer a stunning combination of scenic views and just the right amount of road challenges to maneuver around.

There is something for everyone. You can enjoy the views of mountain tops, lakes, and incredible national forests while twisting and turning to keep yourself entertained.

Before you set out to enjoy all of the beauty that Montana highways have to offer, make sure that you have all of the proper safety gear for riding and have checked the local weather report to be aware of any adverse conditions.

Riding a motorcycle takes a little more planning that just driving a car, but it is definitely worth the effort in the end.

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