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Top 10 Radio Stations in Billings

Here's what you need to know...
  • Listening to the radio while driving in Billings is a good way to keep up with community events
  • You can enjoy your favorite music while driving to and from work or traveling the area
  • By using a few driving tips, you can remain safe and enjoy radio while traveling

The radio is a great invention. It was invented back in 1895 and was presented to the public in 1920. Despite the advent of television some 20 years later, radio remains one of the most important types of media and information platforms available today.

We get news and information, entertainment, and weather reports by listening to the radio.

We can listen to our favorite songs while traveling and make the trip seem shorter.

Radio is also a great companion while driving. There are several benefits to driving including:

  • Helps drivers focus Science Daily reports that radio may actually help drivers focus while on the road and that it is not directly related to distractibility while driving. In fact, it may help drivers relax and drive better.
  • Keeps you up on current events – Aside from the safety issues, listening to the radio while driving keeps you up on current events. You can find out what’s going on in the world while you travel and learn new things.
  • Tells you what is going on in Billings – You can keep up with local events in Billings while you drive to work and run your errands by listening to local stations.

Statistics show that radio is still a very popular medium with the American public with most people spending over 112 minutes per day listening to radio. Forbes Magazine reports that 60 percent of Americans listen to the radio on a daily basis, much of that time spent in their cars while traveling.

The Daily Caller also stated that Nielson reported that more than 90 percent of Americans listen to the radio each week.

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The Rise of Internet Radio

Internet radio, which uses online protocols and packets of data for delivery rather than sound waves, has taken the scene lately.

It made the scene around 20 years ago and had recently gained in popularity with the invention of in-car radio apps such as Apple’s Car Play and Google’s Android Auto. These systems allow drivers to connect to the internet and listen to their favorite Internet radio stations while driving.

There is not even a need for auxiliary inputs now that these in-car systems are available. So the popularity will likely increase in the future.

Despite the growing popularity of this new medium, there is still a great need for local radio stations. These local stations tell you what is going on in your home community and immediate area.

Significant weather and community announcements can be heard as you drive so that you always keep up with events.

Some local stations also broadcast online, making it portable beyond your local area so you can keep up with local Billings events as you travel further away.

Top 10 Radio Stations in Billings


In this section, we will review the top 10 radio stations in the Greater Billings area so that you can tune in while driving.

#1 – The Mighty 790: KGHL

KGHL is a local country station in Billings, Montana that focuses on community interests and events. They run an online trade type programs around 10 am CST that lets local listeners list their items for trade or sale.

Their format is Country, and they have many local listeners who enjoy listening as they drive.

#2 – FM 103.7: The Hawk

The Hawk is a hard rock, heavy metal station in Billings that focuses on classic hard rock music and community announcements.

#3 – NewsTalk 95.5-KBUL

NewsTalk 95.5 FM and AM 970 is a favorite local station in Billings that focuses on conservative talk and political programs such as Rush Limbaugh’s show.

With the election getting close, this is a great station to listen to to get the scoop on the conservative views on current politics.

#4 – ESPN Billings-KBLG

ESPN AM 910 Billings features sports broadcasts from the sports world. They also feature talk and news so that you can catch up on the latest news events while driving around the Billings area.

#5 – Cat Country: KCTR 102.9

Cat Country 102.9 plays the latest and classic country hits 24/7. They are located in Billings and broadcast local news as well as great country music all of the time. They are a great choice if you like country music while driving in or around the Billings area.

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#6 – K-Bear-KKBR-FM 97.1

K-Bear Radio in Billings features classic hits of the past. They broadcast on FM 97.1 and keep drivers in the Billings area up on the latest community events as well.

#7 – KURL Radio 93.3 FM

KURL Radio (Christian Radio) in Billings is a great Christian format station that many in Billings enjoy listening to while driving or at home.

KURL Radio features Christian talk and music, as well as some local sports events. Their website is up-to-date, and you can listen online if you have the plug-in.

#8 – 98.5 The Wolf-KEWF

The Wolf on 98.5 FM is one of the most popular Billings radio stations in the area. They focus on contemporary country music and local programming.

#9 – Hot 101.9 FM-KRSQ

Hot 101.9 FM features hot adult contemporary hits and upbeat music that you can listen to while driving in the Greater Billings area.

Their stream is also easily accessible online so you can also listen online with your CarPlay apps or auxiliary equipment while in the car using an FM transmitter or another device.

#10 – YNOP Radio: KBLM-FM 90.1 FM

YNOP Radio is a Christian format radio station that plays new Christian rock hits all of the time, along with religious programming. This is a popular station in Billings and offers a refreshing change to the programming normally heard on other stations.

If you need help locating a station in Billings, click this Radio Locator link to find more.

Tips for Driving Safely While Listening to the Radio

Driving with the radio on is usually done safely, and many studies show that there is no increased danger, even in heavy traffic.

However, you should always observe these tips:

  • Watch the volume levels and don’t listen to deafening music in heavy traffic or busy intersections.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and adjust the volume to make sure you can hear ambulances, trains, and other vehicles.
  • Change stations only when you are stopped.
  • Obey all posted speed limit signs.

Following these tips can decrease your chances of distractible driving while listening.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

By exercising caution while driving and listening to the radio, there is no reason why you can’t listen to your favorite Billings station as you enjoy the highways and byways of the Billings area. They have around 43 radio stations within the Billings area that you can pick up on your car radio. So be safe and enjoy!

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